We know the planning problems of your business

We have been working to solve the problems of production enterprises for 17 years and to make production and business processes more valuable. We have significant R & D investments in our work on ERP / MRP / MRP2 issues as well as the constraints on production and planning of resources.

Drag & Drop

Update programs easily and quickly with drag and drop. Increase teams’ reactivity and efficiency.

Reporting & Analysis

Follow projects and work orders visually, schedule your orders and machines, track deadlines and follow progress reports.


It works in an integrated manner with the software (ERP-MRP-CMMS) available in your business.

Achievements with Visual Production Planning Software

Increase team productivity with a single planning tool to access and share information in real time, to plan all company jobs, projects and tasks, and track capacity, time and costs.

Critical Material Assignment

Dashboard- BI Tool

Visual Planning

Scenario Creation

Operation Division

Time management


It is very important to plan production  and to predict bottlenecks, to deliver products on time and to protect happy customers. Throughout this process, it is essential to monitor process flows in order to maintain quality, prevent errors, ordering on time, and avoid unnecessary delays. However, it is quite difficult for businesses to keep teams, machines, materials and suppliers synchronized without a real production planning system. At this point, you can schedule the scheduling of your orders using the drag and drop technology on the visual gantt.

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